SOLD!!! Radio Shack & All Things Wireless

  • Live On-Site Auction:
    Sat, Aug 2nd 2003, 12:00 PM
  • 216 W. 2nd S.
    Soda SpringsIdaho  83276
  • SEE AUCTION DAY PHOTOS!!! NEW TV's, Stereos, Everything for the Cell Phone, Electronics, Toys, Videos, Phones, Games, Remotes, Displays, Shelving, Computers, Office Equip, & Much More... A must attend event!


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Mercedes Benz, Ripper, Flasher, Turmoil, Triton, Evader, Shifter, Deceiver, Shaos, Wave Jumper, Stryker, The Grinch, Violator, Impala 1967, Mega Flash, Mayhem, Pre School Helicopter, Play Truck, School Bus, and More!


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Grinch Interactive Coin Bank, Blueâs Clues Friends Phone, Kids Sing Along Tape Recorder, Sesame Street Talking Tape Player, Talking Quartet, Elmoâs Music Player, Talking Camcorder, Radio Shack Puppy Sing Along Keyboard, Singing and Jamming, Lock and Safe Bank, Rugrats Electronic Coin Bank, Barbie Cash Register, One Man Jam Guitar, M&M Telephone, and More!


Compaq Computer, Compaq Keyboard, Compaq Monitor 15â, Compaq A1000 Copier Fax Machine, Compaq Computer Supplies, Fake Security System, Surge Cords, Nova Credit Card Machine, and More!


Raceway Challenge, Space Invaders, Billiards, Crossword Puzzles More Misc. Toys & Games, and More!


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Snoopy Phone, Coca Cola Phone, Mickey Mouse Phone, Amplified Handset telephone, Sprint Phone Speed dial, Trim Phones, Hand Held, Large Selection of Misc Phonesâ¦. Intercoms, Answering Machines, Telephone Headsets, Jacks, Plates, Wiring, Cords and More!


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AM FM Stereo Headsets, Stereo Headsets, Microphones, Stereo Accessories, Calculators, Weather Radios, Multi Band AM/FM radios, Short waves, VHF Radio TV Portable, Bike AM/FM Portable Radio, Deluxe AM/FM Pocket Radio, Stereo Pocket Radio, Speaker AM/FM Clock Radio, Cassette AM/FM Clock Radio, White AM/FM Clock Radio, Stereo Cassette Recorder Dual 4â Speaker, Large Multi Band Stereo, M&M Shower Radio, 5 Disc Changer RCA 120 Watt Stereo Music System, DVD CD Player RCA Zoom Control, RCA 5â Portable TV CD Player, Optimus CD Dual Cassette Portable Radio, AC/DC TV, RCA Home Theatre Receiver, RCA 5 Disc Carousel DVD CD Changer, RCA 27â Stereo Color TV, Self Powered Solar Radio, RCA Wireless Headphones, and Accessories, Optimus Portable Cd Player, Radio Shack 2 way Base Station, Door Intercom and Chime Systems, 6 in 1 smart Remote, Universal Remote Controls, Desk Top Cassette Recorders, Compaq Cassettes Recorders, Car and Stereo Speakers, Adjustable Book lights, Walkie Talkies, Head set Walkie Talkies, Casio Watches, Antenna Mounts, Wire, Analog and Digital Game Pad, and More!


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Motorola, Verizon, Sprint, Voice Stream, and Supplies & Accessories, and More!


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Crimping Tools, Wire Cutter, Pliers, Stripers, Screw Drivers, Antenna, Battery Charges, Power Strips, Extension Cords, Batteries, Outdoor TV Antenna, Lanterns Weather Resistant, Flash Lights, VHS Blank Tapes, Movie Film, Misc. Data Organizers, Key Chains, Magnifying Glasses, VHS, Rewinder, Spotlights, Disc  and Supplies and More!


Display Shelves, Wall Displays, Glass Show Cases, Folding Tables, Rolling Display Stand, Signs, Maps, Computer Software Maps, Corner Desk, Vacuum Cleaner, Step Ladder, and More!