SOLD!!! Blue Ribbon Restaurant

  • Live On-Site Auction:
    Wed, Jun 18th 2003, 12:00 PM
  • 486 Yellowstone
    PocatelloIdaho  83201
  • SEE AUCTION DAY PHOTOS!!! Thanks for the OUTSTANDING day that you spent with us!



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Coolers, Freezers & Icemakers

60/40-inch Display Cooler, Wall Cooler (25" high 60" width 22½" deep),

Refrigerated Salad Bar (6' length 34" width  56" high),“Crystal Tips” Crushed Icemaker,

Two 4' Coolers, Under Counter Refrigerator, 30" Under Counter Freezer,

Apartment Sized Freezer, 44" Refrigerated Table,

 6ft Stainless Cooler, Two  Walk-in Coolers (13' by 7 1/2  & 17' by 7 1/2'), Migali Food Prep Cooler, Manitowac Ice Maker, Hoshizaki Ice Maker,  

and more!

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Stoves Grills & Microwave

2 Soup Warmers, Soup Kettle, 4' “Connerton” Girdle,

 Stainless Steel Toast Master Warmer 50" in high 37" Deep,  

Cleveland Steamer, Two 40-pound ANTES Fryers2 Well Steam Table,

 Waterless Food Warmer 5 Well (74" length 24" deep 34" high),

3' Imperial Char Broiler, 2/3' CONNERTON 6 Top Burner,

Amana Commercial Microwave, 2 LANG Ovens,

5' Cheese Melter,  Double Well Table Top Fryer,

Double ALTO SHAMM 3' Electric Oven,

4-slice Bagel Toaster, Two Hoods 8ft, One Hood 5ft,  

and more!

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Table & Chairs

Rotisserie 3 Spit Table

Three Conference Tables, 24 Bentwood Oak Chairs, 23 Stacking Chairs,

Misc. Armchair, 2 Round Tables, 5 36"sq Cafe Tables,

Four Blue Top Cafe Tables, Five 4ft/30 Inch Booth Tables,

Two Booths, 6 Bentwood Oak Bar Stools,  Round Table,

Two Folding Tables,  15 Misc. Booths,

Plastic Patio Furniture,

and more!

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  Variety/       Restaurant Items Restaurant  

San Marco Espresso Machine,  2 San Marco Coffee Grinders,

Eco Lab Dishwasher,  

Coffee Server w/ Base, Serving Carts, Stoneware Dishes,

Clear Solid Plates, Water Dispensers,

Wood Cutting Board, Silverware, Water Cups,,

Salt & Pepper Shakers, Two Cash Registers,

Stainless Steel Cabinet 8ft 30 in 35 in tall, Small Stainless Steel Table,

2 4ft stainless cabinet, 2 3ft Cabinet Stainless Steel, “CMA” Dishwasher,

Stainless Steal Prep-Table, 6ft Heat Lamp Food Warmer 184inch Shelf For Heat Lamps,

8 Shafing Dishes, 81/2 ft 8 Compartment Stainless Steel Sink,

Hobart Ban-Saw, 12 inch Hobart Slicer, 4/10 Solid Maple Prep/Cutting Table,

4 Small Stainless Steel Sinks, 30qt Hobart mixer w/ 20 qt Bowl & Attachments,

5 ft Proofing Cabinet, 5 ft See-Through Cabinet, Pot and Pans of all sizes, Trays,

Misc. Shelves, Kitchen Stress Mats, 1 200-pound commercial Dumb-Waiter,

Misc. Serving and Cooking Utensils, 4' Heated Display Case,

5ft  Porta-Bar, Flambé Cart, Stainless Steel Café Shelf,

Bar Glass Ware, 3 Compartment Sink with Ice Well,

1 40-inch Stainless Steel Cocktail Server, 2 Bar Blenders,

2-Mop Buckets, 1 Heat Wrap Sealer, 2 Brass 4 Handle Beer Towers, Multi Mixer,

 and more!

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2 Desks, 3 file Cabinet, Variety of Dry Eraser Boards

Variety of Misc. Supplies, Computer,  

2 ft Oak Cabinet with Shelves,

  and more!

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Variety/Useful items

 Large Ornate Circular Bar, Wine Rack,  

 Seven 4" Café Tables, Five 2 1/2 by 2" Café Tables,  

4-Camera Security System,

Kerosene Lamps, 5 Booster Seats, 2 High Chairs,

Folding Screen, 1 Millennium Budweiser Gift Pack,

Large Variety Christmas Décor, 46-inch TV,

White Cabinet, 20-inch TV, Fire Extinguishers,

Stereo System,  “Gold Medal” Popcorn Maker,

  and more!

Antiques & Décor

2 Water Fountains, 55 gal Fish Tank,

Church Bench, 3 Stone Planters with Plants,  

Large Mirror with Blue Ribbon Etched,

Misc. Baskets with Flowers,

Ornate Antique Wood Stove “Quick Meal” Cast-Iron Porcelain Steel,

Brass Torch, Idaho Marilyn Monroe Picture, Brass Spittoon,

and more!

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