SOLD!!! Back Country Outfitters - Sporting Goods - Bankruptcy

  • Live On-Site Auction:
    Sat, Sep 27th 2003, 1:00 PM
  • 2333 Addison Ave E.
    Suite D
    Twin FallsIdaho  83301
  • What a DAY! A "Fantastic" Auction and great participation by all who attended. Thank you for spending the day with us.

An Entire Store Full of New Sporting Goods!!!

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1994 Kit Camp Trailer, 18', Self Contained


Coats, Jackets, Overalls, Pants, Shirts, Shorts, Socks, Suspenders, Tank Tops, Head Bands, Anorak, Booties, Belts, Caps, Carhartt (Coats, Jackets, Overalls, Pants, Shirts, & Vests)  Walls Camo, Duofold ( Bottoms, Pants & Tops), Face Masks,  Field Jackets, Flannel Jackets & Shirts, Polo Shirts (COLUMBIA), Thermal Underwear, Rain Jackets,  & Much More!


Pentax, Bushnell, & Nikon 


Altimeter, Ammo Pouch, Backpacks, Aqua Packs, Air Beds, Axes, Blow Guns, Water Bottles, Batteries, Bear Mace, Buckets, Canteens, Cots, Dome Tent Poles, Flashlights, Foam Pads, Foot Pumps, Emergency Blankets,  Water Bottles, Gold Pans, Anchra Straps, Clips, Atlases, Back Packs, Bandanas (Fleece), Hammocks, First Aid Kits, Hand Pump (Double Action), Hatchets, Lanterns, Mummy Bags, Oars, Bow Tape, Brasso, Buckles, Elk Calls, Camera Stores, Camp Caddies, Candle Lantern, Candles, Canteens, Carhartt Watch Cap, Check Out Pouch, Coleman Fuel, Compasses, Compressor Bags, D Rings, Deluxe Security Belts, Diamond Sharpeners, Ditty Bag, Dog Bowels, Dome Tents (8x36 & 6x30), Duct Tape, Duffle Bags, (Colossal, Giant, Large, Mammoth, Medium Small, X-Large), Paint Balls, Pack Towels, Rock Pick, Roll-A-Cot, Saws,  Sleeping Bags,  Solar Shower, Spot Light, Several Tents, Tent Poles & Stakes, Travel Chairs, Water Bottles & Jugs, Bungee Cords, Camo Cloth, Face Paint (Camo), Foam Sheets, Mosquito Netting, Emergency  Space Bags, Exit Pouches, Express Pouches, Extractor, Fanny Packs, Filler Caps, Fire Paste, Fire Starter, Flashlights, Flints, Foam & Fabric Adhesive Spray,  Fuel Bottles, Game Bags (All Sizes), Gas Nozzles, Gaskets, Gear Bags, Gear Lofts, Get out Pouches, Grommet Kits, Grommets, Guide Bags, Ropes Clips, Hatchet Covers, Head Lamps, Hemisphere Pouches, Hemostat, Hiking Sticks, Hip Belts (Padded), Hooks & Clips, Kavu Watch Bands, Key Binders, Ladder locks, Lantern Ball, Lantern Lighter, Laundry Bag, Light Sticks, Lighters, Locks, Lumbar Pillows, Mantles Match Box, Mesh Bags,  Mist Sprayers, Pack Saw, Pedometer, Peninsula Pouch, Inflatable Pillow, Pistol Belt, Polar Pure Water Purifier, Propane Fuel, Range Finder, Ratchet Tie Downs, Rifle Grease, Safety Vests (Vinyl & Mesh), Pocket Chainsaw, Scents, Scissors, Steam Sealer, Sewing Kits, Shock Cords, Shoulder Straps, Shovels, Sleeping Bag Liner, Sling Shots, Camouflaging Spray Paint,  Straps, Stretch Cords, Stuff Bags, Stun Guns, Survival Kits, Tent Pole Bags & Repair Kits, Toilet Accessories, Travel Bags, Travel Pillows, Wool Blankets, Tri Fold Wallets, Watch Accessories, Rope, Velcro, Zippo Lighters,  & More!


Climbing Gloves, Biners, Climbing Books, Chalk, Rope, Daisy Chains, Figure Eights, Gear Slings, Harnesses, Helmets, Quick Draws, Rope Tarps, Runners,  Slings,  &  More!

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Autobahn Mug, Recipe Books, Bowls, Broiler Grill, Bucket, Tongs, Chicken Fryer (Cast Iron),  Coffee Broilers & Pots, Colander,  Cooking Tables, Several Cook Books, Cups, Cutlery Sets, Dish Pan, Dutch Ovens, Dutch Oven Storage Bags,  Egg Carrier, Food Covers, Fry Pan, Griddles, Kettles, Ladles, Lasagna Pan, Mess Kit, Mugs, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Pie Irons, Pitchers, Plates, Popcorn Poppers, Sink (Outback Kitchen), Skillets, Stove, Spatulas, Coleman Stove Generator, Stove Pipe, Spoons, Stock Pots, Butane Stoves, Tea Kettles, Toasters, Trivet (Cast Iron), Waffle Irons (Cast Iron), Several Back Pack Dinners, & More!


Deerskin, Cowhide, Pile Lined, Wrench-Tech, Machanix, Pigskin, Lawn & Utility, Fleece Lined, Nylon,  Micro-suede, Grippers, Wool, Wool/Fingerless, Rag wool, Camo/ Trigger Finger, Fleece, Kids,  Sealskinz, & More!


Buck Knives, Coast Knives, Columbia River Knives, Gerber Tool, KA-BAR Knife, Bowie Knives, Green Auto, Harley Davidson, HQ Company, Jimmy Lile, Kershaw,  Magnum,  Mc Nett, Cold Steel, Leatherman, Machettes, Schrade, Swiss Army, Throwing Knives, Wyoming Knives & Saws, & Much More!


Alice Pack Frame, Ammo Cans (20MM & 30 Cal), Books, Canteens, GI Duffle Bags, Face Paint, Gas Mask, Laundry Bags, Mess Kit, Money Bags, Parachute Cord, Pouches, Pup Tent Poles, Shovel Covers, Suspenders, & More!


Chest Waders, Clogs, Flashlight, Georgia Boots (Camo, Gortex, Hiker, Logger, Mud Dog, & Tradesman,)  HI-TEC (Altitude, Chimera Lite, Miami, Stealth, Storm, & Traverse)  Hip Waders, Jungle Boots, Moccasin, Sandals (Cross Terra, Hurricane, Pretty Rugged, Saboon, Terra-Fi,  & Wickiup), Thongs, Aqua Seal Waterproofing, Boot Polish, Toe Warmers, Insoles, Boot Zipper, Shoe Glue, Snow Seal, Foot Powder, Camp Dry Waterproof Spray & More!

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Vaurnet Sunglasses, Cases, Straps & More!


Desk & Chair, Fax Machine, Computers & Monitors, Laser Printers, Receipt Printers, Cash Drawers, File Drawers, Store Display Fixtures, Misc. Hooks & Hangers & More!   

All Items Going to the Highest Bidders!!!