SOLD!!! Original Art Work & Fine Jewelry Auction

  • Live On-Site Auction:
    Sat, Apr 17th 2004, 8:00 AM
  • 1030 Yellowstone
    Old Fred Meyer
    PocatelloIdaho  83201
  • Quailty Watercolors, Oil Paintings, Ceramic & Bronze Sculptures, Diamond Rings, Jewelry and More! Starting at 12:00 Noon! Other items will be sold prior and after, so come early & stay late! Seating provided.

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Ceramic & Bronze Sculptures listed below. 


origart02.jpg (49539 bytes)

 2 Oil Paintings of Single Ducks  by H. KDEPKE  15 ½ X 3 ½

origart03.jpg (70882 bytes)

 Wickersham Print-  by Sandy Wickersham Resnick  29X24

origart04.jpg (62042 bytes) 

3 Water Colors by Sharon Hickley

  • Fountian w/ Watering Can            14X10
  • Window Screen              14X10
  • Ocean & Roses               14X10

origart05.jpg (65898 bytes) 

Beach Scene by Fern Pietsch 23 ½  X 11 ½

origart06.jpg (93576 bytes)

 Japenses Watercolor 32 X 22

origart07.jpg (81606 bytes) origart08.jpg (106918 bytes) 

2 Kathleen Cooke Oil Paintings 

  • Cat In Front of Window         30 X 14½

  • Cat In Wicker Chair          31 X 29 ½

origart09.jpg (80455 bytes)

Watercolor of Cows by WD Black   20 X 14

origart10.jpg (85910 bytes)

"Far Away Long Ago" by Kinnebrew            42 X 42

origart11.jpg (69560 bytes)

Oil (4 Girls) âFamily Gatheringâ by E. Roehrig            30 X 25

origart12.jpg (76497 bytes)

Oil of Boy on Beach by Cashell 21 ½  X  27½

origart13.jpg (93574 bytes)

Oil of Flowers by Tatsuo I To              18 X 21

art19.jpg (42955 bytes)

Tiny Oil of Nuns-From Gilbert Galleries, San Francisco 10 X 4

origart14.jpg (64105 bytes)

Water Color by Anne Kilham


Rabbits with Squash by Sergio Bustamante - Ceramic Sculpture

Fountain with Watering Can Bronze Sculpture


NOTE: These are not your typical works. They are done by artists that have made names for themselves, through their hard work and dedication to their talents. Plan on coming in for a detailed inspection. All items from this collection will be sold in the early afternoon.

Diamond Rings / Jewelry

DiamonEm.jpg (68195 bytes) Diamond & Emerald ring, 14 Karat, Yellow Gold (1 major Diamond approx. .80 Carat, 4 Dark Green Emeralds, 3.50mm round)

april17_jewlery002.jpg (69649 bytes) Diamond Anniversary ring, 14 Karat, Yellow Gold

april17_jewlery003.jpg (77587 bytes) Diamond & Sapphire ring, 14 Karat, Yellow Gold

april17_jewlery004.jpg (74614 bytes) Diamond & Tourmaline ring, 14 Karat, Yellow Gold

april17_jewlery005.jpg (78367 bytes) 2 Wedding bands, 14 Karat, White Gold

april17_jewlery006.jpg (37688 bytes) Silk Bead Necklace

april17_jewlery008.jpg (38041 bytes) Fresh Water Pearl Necklace

april17_jewlery009.jpg (65636 bytes) Multi color Bead Necklace

april17_jewlery013.jpg (37106 bytes) Gucci Silver Bracelet Watch

BracSil.jpg (47014 bytes) Silver Egyptian Bracelet (Reed & Barton, Damascene)

CystNeck.jpg (58603 bytes) jewlry001.jpg (62505 bytes) Crystal Necklace

DiaEar.jpg (64627 bytes) DiaEar2.jpg (64751 bytes) Diamond Post Earrings, 14 Karat White Gold (.37 Carat Diamond in each)

DiaSaphR.jpg (67682 bytes) Diamond & Sapphire Dinner Ring, 14 Karat White Gold (1 Large Diamond in the center, small Diamonds & Sapphire surrounding)

GoldBand.jpg (44132 bytes) Bangle Bracelet, 14 Karat, Yellow Gold

WyJadRing.jpg (60301 bytes) Wyoming Jade and Pearl Ring, 14 Karat Yellow Gold

april17_jewlery001.jpg (69036 bytes) Diamond Wedding set, 14 Karat, Yellow Gold (Marquis Cut Stones)

jewlry005.jpg (78285 bytes)  GoldBrac.jpg (75033 bytes) 2 Bracelets, 14 Karat, Yellow Gold

jewlry002.jpg (47326 bytes) Grey Star Sapphire Bracelet, 14 Karat, Yellow Gold (3 stones)

JadeBrac.jpg (58614 bytes) Jade Bracelet, 14 Karat, Yellow Gold

jewlry006.jpg (72222 bytes) Emerald Bracelet, 14 Karat, Yellow Gold

SilTanzaDiaRing.jpg (61907 bytes) SilTanzDiaRing2.jpg (67095 bytes) Sterling Silver Tanzanite & Diamond Ring

Sterling Silver Bracelet (Hand carved Scrimshaw design)

Sterling Silver Bracelets

Sterling Silver Ring

And More Jewelry! 

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