SOLD!!! Grace Lutheran Hawaiian Luau Banquet

  • Live On-Site Auction:
    Sat, Apr 25th 2009, 8:30 PM
  • 1555 Pocatello Creek Rd
    PocatelloIdaho  83201
  • SOLD!!! The annual Grace Lutheran School fund raiser. Good food, good drinks, and GREAT PEOPLE having a nice evening out while supporting the school. There will be Live and a Silent Auction.

Grace Lutheran School
Hawaiian Luau Party

A Hawaiian Luau!

Silent Auction: 5:30 - 7:15
Dinner Buffet: 6:30
Live Auction starts at 7:30

Group Dinners

Get together with your friends and buy these dinners to double your fun!
(Be sure to note dates and particulars for each meal)

Live Auction Items

L-100: Extra, Extra, Read All About It!
Wake up each morning to Pocatello's newly redesigned paper on your front porch. The Idaho State Journal, with its' new look, has generously donated a 6 months subscription to the paper (must be located in the delivery area).
Idaho State Journal

L-101: Front Row for Christmas
The holidays will seem a little less hectic when you and your family won't have to worry about a place to sit for the Christmas Eve service. Don't miss out be sure to bid on this one.
Grace Lutheran Church

L-102: Treasure Hunt Adventure Package
Turn this package into the perfect rainy day adventure or just a fun-filled family activity. Included is a beautiful treasure map quilt that has a footprint from each of the children in Mrs. Flicker's and Mrs. Boudreau's PK4 classes. No treasure map would be complete if there wasn't a treasure to be found! This package includes a chest filled with exciting treasures. Your child will be thrilled to find games, videos, books, balls, child-sized garden tools, binoculars, and much more. The adventure continues when you use your gift certificates to Randy's Gym and Outer Limits. This package will provide a lasting memory and hours of entertainment for your whole family!
Mrs. Flicker's & Mrs. Boudreau Pk-4's

L-103: Kyle's Crown
Here's your first chance to fix that tooth that has been bothering you and become royalty at the same time. Dr. Kyle Siemen has donated a High Noble Porcelain Faced Crown with gold. This includes prepping and lab work, and the final cementation. You will have the best looking mouth in town!
Kyle Siemen

L-104: Male Black Lab Puppy
I am a black lab puppy that is excited to have a new home. I have a very big heart and I am extremely loving. I would prefer to be with "my family" than anywhere else. I am a little boy that is not very little. When I grow into my feet, I will be quite an addition to your family. I love to play, ride in the car, and of course eat. If you buy me, I come with my neuter, all my shots, a bag of Science Diet Large Breed Growth dog food, my dog food bowls, new toys, a collar, leash, and a certificate for puppy classes. I am a very good boy. I sleep in my kennel at night and when I take a nap. I am doing a great job at potty training and am looking so forward to having my very own family.
Bannock Animal Medical Center, Jane Guiding & PETCO

L-105: Female Black Lab Puppy
I am a purebred black lab puppy that is excited to have a family to love. I am a little girl that is very loving and energetic. I might be small, but don't let size fool you, I have lots of energy and would prefer to be playing with my family than anything else. I am a unique lab in that I have a few white markings instead of being all black. My foster family thinks God made me special and gives me lots of personality. I love to play, ride in the car, sleep and eat. If you choose to buy me, I come with a spay, all my shots, a bag of Science Diet Large Breed Growth dog food, 2 bowls, some new toys, a collar, a leash and a certificate for puppy classes. I am doing a great job at potty training and sleep in my kennel at night. I also like to sometimes take a nap inside my kennel. I promise to love you and your family and will be very happy if you would give me a home.
Bannock Animal Medical Center, Jane Guiding & PETCO

L-106: Dutch Oven Dinner for 10
Build your own dinner! Enjoy the "delightful" food prepared for you and 9 of your family or friends with that great Dutch Oven flavor!
Dutch Oven Delights

L-107: Non-Typical Day
Don't miss out on this beautiful print from Hadyen Lambson. Two stunning mule deer, a buck and his doe, grazing in a hidden meadow enjoying the afternoon sun. Framed by Tara-James Gallery.
Hayden Lambson and Tara-James Gallery

L-108: Second Row Spring Concert
If you don't want to miss out on your child performing in the 4th 5th & 6th grade Spring program, you better bid high for this one!
Grace Lutheran School

L-109: Family Sports Basket
Enjoy a summer afternoon with your family at the park or in your own backyard! Miss Sawhill's 4th grade class has collected a volleyball set, a bad mitten set, and other outdoor sports games! The class has worked hard to make a fleece picnic blanket for your whole family. Enjoy a picnic lunch or just relax in the sun!
Mrs. Sawhill 4th grade

L-110: Principal For a Day!
Let your future leader experience a day in the life of our fearless leader Mrs. Anne Bopp! Your child will get to participate in activities such as a fire drill, eating lunch with the teachers, morning announcements and much more. They will love to be the "boss" of the school for one day!
Grace Lutheran School

L-111: Paint Package
Is your house in need of a little fix-up? Then this is the one you want to put a check mark by in your book! Carl Glover with White Glove Painting will come to your house and prep, caulk, and paint 3 average size rooms one color only in your house. Kwal will provide the first five gallons of paint.
White Glove Painting & Kwal

L-112: Sign for Door
CMYK Grafix will customize any door in your home, shop, or garage (interior or exterior door). The highest bidder will be able to bring us any door from their home and we will digitally print any image on it. Choose from a wide variety of graphics or your own high quality digital photo. Make your wife's pantry a conversational piece, your man's shop the envy of the neighborhood boys......or your child's bedroom the coolest in school. Examples of custom doors we have done are; Greek statues, snowmobiles, elk, Spiderman, Halo (on closet doors), and the skyline at night in New York City - the only limitation is your imagination.
Mark & Marie Austin

L-113: Picture Perfect Smile
This package includes initial exam, records, diagnosis, treatment plan, full braces, retainers, and a two year post-treatment retention. For younger children, who may need two phases of treatment, if the package is purchased now, the complete treatment will be provided as the child is ready (For insurance and more complete details, call Tracy @ Dr. VanDyke's office at 237-3330).
Dr. Rufus VanDyke

Have a family fun night with a treasure chest full of games, fun for the whole crew! Mrs. Cummings's class has put together a collection of wonderful family entertainment contained in a beautiful handmade wooden chest! A gorgeous addition to any home and a way to keep those young pirates entertained on a tropical summer night!
Mrs. Cummings Incredible 1st grade class

L-115: Cement Package
Don't step on a crack or...... After all the salt we have put on our sidewalks and driveways to melt the snow, we're sure you now have cracks that need to be repaired. So you can pave your way to a new look with this gift certificate for 5 yards of concrete and labor! (Framing to be done by bidder).
Ron Dykman and Pocatello Ready Mix

L-116: Alpaca Afghan
Hi, my name in Mahogany. I am a registered Alpaca. I am 9 years old,. My fleece is finer than cashmere or angora. I get sheared every spring. My fleece was spun by my owner, Chris Jenneiahn and crocheted into this afghan by Sherri Palmer. It is a "One of a kind".
Rod & Chris Jenneiahn

L-117: Ribs and Brew for You!
Enjoy tasting a variety of homebrews while learning about various aspects of beer and how it is made. A BBQ rib dinner along with Lynne's famous corn salsa and dessert for you and 5 of your friends will be served as only Elaine can do! Thanks Elaine!
Elaine Jacobson

L-118: Hawaiian Birthday Party for Children
This package includes all you need to give that special child a tropical themed party for up to 16 children. This package includes Happy Birthday banner, invitations, thank you notes, and gift bags custom designed by Mr. Besel's 3rd grade students. Get that island feeling with leis for everyone, island music, party decorations, birthday cake and ice cream, in the wonderful outdoor atmosphere of the shaded table area at Outback Golf. While you're there, guests can enjoy a round of miniature golf and try their swing on the golf range.
Mr. Besel's 3rd grade

L-119: Fall Fun Photo Fiesta Feast By Flicker
Spend three plus hours in the fall on beautiful City Creek on a photo shoot of your choice. Family, Kids, Graduates, Engagement, Family Reunion, or whatever you like!!! (Except a wedding:-)) City creek is beautiful in the fall with amazing colors and a beautiful stream. Imagine your family on a secret bridge surrounded by golden leaves with a sparkling brook passing by. Or have the best and most unique senior graduation or engagement pictures ever. Package includes.

  • Three hours of picture taking
  • Up to 150 pictures on a disk for you to keep
  • 50 4x6 printed proofs of the best photos. These are yours to keep!
  • 10 Selected photos "retouched" to perfection, printed on 5 x 7 professional archive quality papers.
  • 1- 8x10 of your favorite photo professionally matted.

The high bidder will receive the rights to all pictures and may order additional pictures as they see fit from any vendor. Equipment is professional grade New Olympus 35 MM Digital SLR with fill flash, wide angle, and telephoto lenses. Printing is done at a professional lab Date must be arranged before fall colors are finished. Optional locations and times are to be mutually agreed upon.
Gabe Flicker

L-120: Awesome Winter Fun Package
If you have a child that loves to spend his/her days on the slopes, this is the one for you. With this package you get a Chorus brand snowboard donated by Surf's Up and a Childs Season Pass to Pebble Creek Ski Area, Bring this home and they won't be disappointed!!
Surfs Up & Mary Reichman at Pebble Creek

L-121: Music From Around the World!
Season tickets to The Symphony! This should be one of the best seasons yet for the Idaho State Civic Symphony. All performances are held at Jenson Performing Art Center on Friday evenings. Join Maestro Chung Park for a season full of meticulous perfection.
Pocatello Eye Care

L-122: A relaxing day at the beach
Your child will enjoy being a beach bum lying on this hand painted quilt-- while reading one of the third graders favorite books. This tropical quilt has hand painted blocks by each student in Mrs. Oliver's 3rd grade class. On a small bookshelf each students favorite book and personalized recommendation is also included.
Mrs. Oliver's 3rd grade

L-123: Are You Ready For Some Football?
Whether you're a Patriots fan or a Giants fan, EVERYONE in Pocatello is a Bengal's fan! Idaho State University has offered up one "ROARING" great package of sports passes. Included in this package are; two reserved season football passes, two reserved season men's basketball passes, two reserved season women's basketball passes, Wow!! GO BENGALS!
Idaho State University Athletics

Try some of Madi's Masterpieces!!! If you win this bid you get the rare opportunity to taste these delectable delights. These cookies will send your taste buds on a trip to HEAVEN! (No exaggeration)... The cutest little red headed fifth grader, Madison Paulsen, has worked her fingers to the bone to bring you this treat. If you get the bid, she will make 3 dozen of these cookies for you a month for an entire year!!!
Madison Paulsen

L-125: Hot Lunch for a Year!
Yes Indeedy ......Here it is once again! Grace Lutheran School has offered up a dandy! If you are the lucky winner of this item, your child will be the recipient of HOT LUNCH FOR THE 2009-20010 school year!! No more hurry up and throw a lunch together for you! This item is a busy mother's dream! (Can be used at upper campus or lower campus.)
Miss Mary Fossum's Awesome Hot Lunch

L-126: Super Comics
The 7th grade "Super Comics" have put together a star-studded package. Including a director's chair, clapboard, a basket chalked full of DVD's, popcorn bowl & popcorn. Also, included a DVD of the Junior High production of "Super Comics" and a cast T-shirt.
7th Grade

L-127: Staff Progressive Dinner
How does an evening of fun, food and spirits sound? Well here's your chance to spend the evening with the staff from GLS. Get together with your friends and bid on this!
Grace Lutheran School Staff

L-128: Reserved parking for YOU!!
Back Again! For one year, you can have your very own parking spot reserved at Grace Lutheran School Monday thru Saturday! Just imagine; you'll never have to worry about where to park again! Well at least for the next year!
Grace Lutheran Church

L-129: "We're Going Green"
In an ever changing world it's time for everybody to kick it in gear and go green. Featured in Mrs. Zeichik's 2nd grade class you will find a beautiful hand crafted planter by Mr. Glen Florence, (you know, Lizzy's dad). 20" long x 6" high x 8" wide, seeds, watering can, gardening gloves, spade, soil, and for your trips to the Farmer's Market reusable shopping bags and when you are finished shopping use your gift card at Great Harvest Bread Company.
Mrs. Zeichik's 2nd Grade

L-130: Handmade Redwood Bench
Your garden or outdoor patio will be complete with this beautifully handmade bench. This outdoor garden bench with Asian styling measures 66" long, and 33" high. It is made from solid redwood and held together with mortise and tension joints.
Glenn Florence

L-131: Second Row Christmas Program
You need to sit close so you can catch your little angel stealing the show...don't miss out or you might have to sit in the back row! The 3rd and 4th graders will surely entertain you!
Grace Lutheran School

L-132: One Smart Cookie
Mollie is in the kitchen again making those famous sugar cookies. She is offering 24 dozen cookies in a year. All at one time or divided into 12 dozen at two different times, or 2 dozen each month. However you would like them. Don't be left with just the crumbs bid fast!
Mollie Curran

L-133: Second Row Valentines Program
Won't you be my Valentine? You and your Valentine can enjoy a splendid performance by the GLS preschoolers. Don't miss out on this item that is sure to fill you with love.
Grace Lutheran School

L-134: Office Getaway
Imagine having an office that makes you WANT to go to work every day! That's what you'll get if you bid on this Office Getaway. Start with a calendar made by the students of the Early Childhood Center to adorn your office wall, and a screen saver full of tropical locations to look at while you are working. CD's with relaxing sounds of the beach, and the soft rhythmic sounds of Hawaii to play in the background. Beautiful decorations to adorn your office walls, plenty of new office supplies for your desk, and a spa treatment to use at the end of a hectic work day. All this and more can be yours if you bid high on an Office Getaway!
Grace Lutheran Early Childhood Center

L-135: Day Without Uniforms!!
If your children hear that a whole day with out uniforms could have been purchased at the auction and their very own loving parents didn't take pity upon them and buy it; then it will be the end of the world! Ok maybe not the end of the world, but you could be the coolest parents ever, so purchase this one and they won't have to wear uniforms for ONE WHOLE DAY!!
Grace Lutheran School

L-136: Handmade Quilt
What's black and white and red all over? This beautiful large queen (95" x 105") quilt in the log cabin pattern. The blacks and whites are the same prints (like negative and a picture), and it would look great on any bed. If you happen to know someone at the high school on the hill it is their colors. This quilt was pieced by Candie Wyckoff with fabrics from Joanne Fabrics and quilted by Martha at Sage's Creek Quilting. I can be machine washed and dried, and should last for years to come.
Candie Wyckoff

L-137: Surf & Turf Dinner for 8
Jonathan and Teresa Dinger invite 8 people to their home to be served a Four-Course Dinner featuring tender grilled beef and succulent seafood and salmon. Full bar with semi-retired, semi-professional bartender will be open also. Bid high and let us serve you!
Pastor & Teresa Dinger

L-138: Coffee Break!
Many say the Hawaiian coffees are among the finest in the world. This hand-made Hawaiian Lauhala basket is filled with gourmet goodies! The Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket includes: 16 oz 100% Kona Coffee, 16 oz 100% Maui Coffee, 16 oz Maui Blend Coffee , Packaged in a hand-woven Hawaiian Lauhala Basket, Ceramic scent warmer with tropical scents, Pumpkin chocolate chip cookie mix, Butterscotch cookie mix, ham, five 9-hole parent/child golf passes, and a Hawaiian spa kit from Studio 145. Also featured in this basket are 22 Hawaiian themed coffee cups decorated by each first grader!
Ms. Leiseth 1st grade

L-139: Jack's Crown
Here's your second chance to fix that tooth that has been bothering you and become royalty at the same time. Dr. Jack Mooney has donated a High Noble Porcelain Faced Crown with gold. This includes prepping and lab work, and the final cementation. You will have the best looking mouth in town!
Jack Mooney

L-140: Vacation at Home
No need to travel to faraway lands or even across the ocean to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Instead, treat yourself to some pampering with this fabulous package, which includes a beautiful breakfast tray decorated with the fingerprints from the three and four year olds in Mrs. Boudreau's PK3 classes. As you are relaxing in bed with your coffee or wine (depending on the time of day), you can curl up with your beautiful "Footprints in the Sand" quilt. Now, if you get tired of lounging at home, you can either take a trip to the spa with your $50 gift certificate to Cielo Su Terra Salon and Spa or enjoy a dinner out for two at Senor Iguanas. We are sure that you will find plenty of pampering in our PK3 Vacation at Home package.
Mrs. Boudreau's Pre-K 3

L-141: One Dozen Christmas Wreaths
The perfect Christmas gift for your friends, family or even your neighbors. Bid on these and have a few people crossed off your list early!
Jan-Lar Wreaths

L-142: "Ho! Ho! Ho!" to all you jolly green giants....giant growers, that is!
It's time to green up your yard or just enjoy the sights, sounds, and fragrances of springtime! Mrs. Ford's sixth grade students have assembled a lovely project that includes a 3 pound bag of wild flower mix, gardener's tote bag with tools, kneeling pad, two pairs of gardening gloves, two "I love my home--Earth" reusable shopping bags, a beautiful garden book, and a certificate for shrubs/plants from Jim and Charity Davis' landscaping business. The students have even created a fascinating little book, "Plants of the Bible", for you to peruse as you relax next to the gorgeous water wheel fountain handcrafted by Jim Ellis! If you don't "dig" weeding, Mrs. Ford will come to your home for two hours (on a mutually agreeable date/time prior to June 14, 2009, please) and get down and dirty with those little soil pests. Bid high--but you'll have to bid higher than Mrs. Ford does!
Mrs. Ford 6th grade

L-143: Texas BBQ
Texas may be the home of BBQ, but you really need to bid on this dinner so you can experience out of this world BBQ Baby Back Ribs for 10 people! You will get Tim's homemade BBQ sauce, Mom's potato salad, thick and sweet baked beans, corn on the cob smothered in butter, rolls hot and fresh, green salad, Toffee Bar Butterscotch Pudding dessert, & bottomless refreshing ice tea. Just right for that outdoor family picnic this summer!
Tim Burelson

L-144: Hours of Backyard Fun!
Give your little one a backyard to remember! This one-of-a-kind playhouse is "hand" painted by Mrs. Fullmer's kindergartners. Custom built of sturdy pine construction, this 3 foot 6 inch square playhouse is sure to bring a smile to your face with its two windows, swinging door and adorable paint scheme. It comes complete with a sand box window planter, picnic table, various outside toys, and hours of fun! With this absolutely fabulous playhouse you will be the talk of the neighborhood. Delight your little one and purchase this amazing outdoor fun land and Fullmer Construction will personally deliver it to you!
Mrs. Fullmer's A.M & P.M Kindergarten

L-145: Front Row Thanksgiving Program
You don't want to miss your little turkey in their best performance so bid high. The 1st and 2nd graders will not disappoint you with their fantastic performance!
Grace Lutheran School

L-146: 100 picture Video Photo Album
Give us 100 of your favorite photos on a disk or let us scan them, along with your favorite song and we will make an awesome DVD copy of your Video Photo Album. With Acclaim Productions new photo video editing software that matches the tempo of the music to amazing picture transitions your Video Photo Album is sure to be a hit! This is great for Birthdays, Weddings, Graduations or any occasion. We can also upload this video to Myspace or Facebook so you can share it with all of your family and friends around the world! God Bless you all and happy bidding!
Chad & Sydni Hair with Acclaim Production

L-147: Catch the Zzzz's
Dreaming of a vacation to Hawaii? Before the possible becomes reality, dream about those beaches in this one-of-a-kind hand-crafted log bed frame made by Mr. Alan Heikkila. Then, push those dreams toward the Pacific with the 5th grade Hawaiian A to Z alphabet book. You'll be catching those Z's on Waikiki before you know it! Aloha!
Mrs. Williams 5th Grade

L-148: Paradise Pedicures, Maui Manicures, & Tropical Treats
The Hair Affair, Kathy and Jenn will treat you to pedicures, manicures and an array of delectable appetizers, tropical drinks and desserts. Bid high and fast before the tropical trade winds blow this one away!
The Hair Affair, Kathy & Jenn

L-149: Kindergarten Graduation
Don't miss out on seeing your cute kindergartener graduate. This might not be the first or the last graduation but it still is very special. This is for 2009-2010!
Grace Lutheran School

Get out your swimsuits, because Mrs. Ozburn's kindergarteners have created an undersea adventure! Adorn your bathroom with charming ocean-themed decor, including a shower curtain decorated with sea creatures made from the children's paintings. This set of whimsical and practical items will whisk you away to your favorite beach retreat!
Mrs. Ozburn's Kindergarten

L-151: Front Row Christmas Program For Lower Campus
Don't get stuck in the last row and miss seeing your little cutie singing in the lower campus Christmas program.
Grace Lutheran School

L-152: Landscaping Package
Maybe you've lost your green thumb or maybe you never had one! Never fear Mountain Shadow Landscaping is here! They will liven up your outdoor domain with this great package that includes:

  • Lawn Care:
    • Spring Liquid Fertilizer with weed control
    • Insect Control for Billbug and Grub
    • Summer Slow Release Granular Fertilizer
    • Fall Liquid Fertilizer with weed control
    • Winter Granular Fertilizer
  • Tree and Shrub Care:
    • Spring Dormant Oil
    • Summer insect and Disease application
    • Fall Insect and Disease application
    • Deep Root Fertilizer
  • Spider Spray:
    • Spring house perimeter application for hobos
    • Fall house perimeter application for hobos
  • Sprinkler System:
    • Spring turn on and adjust
    • Fall turn off and blow out
  • Mowing:
    • Weekly Mowing and Trimming of grass

** Services for the 2008 season only. There is no cash value for unused services. Service is limited to the Pocatello area only. Lawn care and mowing is for up to 20,000 sq. feet. Repairs and materials are not included in the Sprinkler service. Services are limited to one address. Services to include only what is listed above.
Mountain Shadow Landscaping

L-153: Fun Under the Sun
Here's everything you need for a fabulous day at the beach or picnic by the pool. Check it out! A handmade beach/picnic blanket with all the 6th- B students foot prints sewn on it, a picnic basket, two luxurious towels, a beach ball, sun screen, and a swimming pass for a family of 4. Hawaii's first board game called Konane- "Ku-no-na" and Yahtzee that's loads of fun to play. Plenty of snacks to munch on like dried mangoes, pineapple, papaya, banana chips, Hawaiian bread, & macadamia nuts. Last but not least featuring a gift certificate for a Hawaiian style roast pig for a family of 4 and an enjoyable, relaxing, comfortable NEW Hammock! So join the bunch for "Fun Under the Sun"!
Miss Brock's 6th Grade Class

L-154: Birds of Paradise
The 4th grade class has created a birds of paradise treat for you. The students have created a beautiful picture to hang on your wall. It is a collage of colorful parrot pictures made by the 4th graders put into one big picture. Accompanying this beautiful picture is a basket filled with items to attract birds into your yard. It all starts with a bird feeder and bird seed. You will find flower seeds, gardening tools, and other surprises. Don't miss out. Get started right away attracting birds in your flower garden.
Mrs. Hall 4th grade

L-155: October Fest For 8
Verbinden Sie uns für Oktoberfest dieser Somme
Die Mädchen Anne und Julie zusammen mit Gabe und Pastor Dinger, wie wir für Sie und 7 andere Gäste eine Feier für deutsche Freuden an Ihrem Haus oder an unseren uns vorbereiten! Wir versehen Bratwurst, Salat, Nachtisch und Getränke alle mit einem deutschen Aroma und einer Musik, um Sie und Ihre Gäste zu erfreuen. Wunderbar!

Join us for Oktoberfest this summer... The girls Anne and Julie along with Gabe and Pastor Dinger as we prepare for you and 7 other guests a celebration for German delights at your home or ours! We'll provide Bratwurst, salad, dessert and beverages all with a German flavor and music to delight you and your guests.
Ann, Julie, Gabe and Pastor

L-156: Outdoor Family Fun!
Have we got a deal for you! The helping hand party tub on a stand is full of fabulous summer fun activities for you and your family. We have kites, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, water balloons, badminton, volleyball, horseshoes, and if that is not enough; enjoy listening to your IPod accessory. And last but not least, Juniper Hills Golf passes for four and family membership to the Pocatello Zoo are also included in our package of family fun!
Mrs. Grayson's 2nd Grade

L-157: Your Smile Brightened
Dr. Monte Page wants to brighten your day and your smile with this Zoom in office whitening gift certificate. Don't miss out!
Smiles By Design/ Dr. Monte Page

L-158: Framed Art of Jesus With the Crown of Thorns
An 18 year old Century High School student has generously donated this beautiful print. His interpretation of Jesus bearing the crown of thorns is exquisitely detailed and would be a spiritual addition to your home.
Brady Wassnuth

L-159: Hailey House Hideaway
Whether you like to ski, bike, or hike, you can always enjoy a one weeks stay in Hailey, Idaho! This beautiful three bedroom home will comfortably sleep 6 and is being graciously donated by Kevin and Monica Howell.
Kevin & Monica Howell

L-160: Teacher for a Day!
No homework, recess all day, and everyone gets an A+. NOT!...... but we'll let them believe that for a day. You will be the best parents ever if you bid on this one for your child!
Grace Lutheran School

L-161: Mexico is the New Hawaii
The 8th grade class is happy to present a weeks stay Cancun Mexico. You and 7 guests (if you choose to invite 7 other people) will enjoy the deluxe accommodations of the Grand Mayan Riviera Condo in Cancun, Mexico. Enjoy our basket of relaxation goodies: champagne, bath robes, bubble bath and a weeks stay in a condo for the week of March 22-29, 2010 (other dates are negotiable).
8th grade

L-162: Attention all football fans!
Penalty Flag! The only penalty assessed will be for illegal use of the hands if you do not raise your hand high in the air and bid on this awesome item. Some of the 2009 Super Bowl Arizona Cardinal players have signed a football for one lucky person. 85- Jerheme Urban (Wide Receiver/ Special Teams) 22- Matt Ware (Cornerback/Special Teams) 55- Travis Laboy (starting outside linebacker) 47- Aaron Francisco (Free Safety, 2006 NFC Pro-Bowl Special Teams Alternate) 27- Michael Adams (Cornerback/Special Teams, downed the punt at 2 yd line in Super Bowl) 49- Alex Shor (Tight End)
Tara Johnson

L-163: Eighth Grade Graduation
This won't be the last graduation you will be attending for your child, but you still need the best seat in the house. So bid high on the front row for the eighth grade graduation so you can see the look on their faces when it finally hits them that high school is now the next step.
Grace Lutheran School

L-164: Sail the Seven Seas Dinner for 8
Sail away and enjoy a seafood feast fit for any Big Kahuna. Kathy and Jenn will come to your home and prepare a four course mouth-watering meal for you and 7 of your friends. It will feature an appetizer, soup & salad, seafood main course, and dessert. Bid high so this one doesn't leave the docks without you!!
Kathy and Jenn


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